What does it do?

Stream Avatars connects with your Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Trovo, Glimesh, or Dlive to add flair to your live broadcast, it also promotes viewer interaction and channel growth.

Can I Customize it?

Yes! Stream Avatars is highly customizable. You can download community made Avatars from the workshop or create your own.

How can I get it?


Boss Fights

Team up with 6 others to defeat customizable bosses for loot box rewards!

Battle Royale

A Brutal Free For All! The last one standing gets a custom loot reward!

Viewer Panel

Customize your avatar with stream loyalty points or twitch bits!

Mass Commands

Dazzle your viewers by commanding them to dance, hug, explode, and more!


Take a chance with a spin, winners get stream loyalty points!


Team vs Team, or FFA. Viewers aim for the hoop with chat commands.
The best team gets the loot reward! !basketball or !basketball FFA


Challenge another viewer to a duel for a loot reward!


Download community made Avatars, Backgrounds, and Bosses!