why extension panel twitch ext display not connect work show

Q: Why is my twitch extension panel displaying "Not Connected"?

A: The application has an option to enable the extension. If you have already done this, the server may be down (contact support).

Extension Help
how create create avatar draw art pixel

Q: How do I create my own avatars?

A: Creating a sprite sheet in .png format, drag and drop image into avatar folder, adjust the avatar settings inside the application.

Creating Avatars
how change change avatar view view character choose select command command issue swap setting set option certain specific assign

Q: How do I assign a viewer's avatar?

A: You can issue commands as a specific viewer by using the !change command.

example: !change viewer_name !avatar littlewalker

how import avatar import import

Q: How do I import an avatar?

A: There are three ways to import an avatar:

1) drop a png image into the avatar folder and input correct settings,
2) put a special .zip file into the import folder, and use the import function,
3) Subscribe an item on the Steam Workshop.

Importing Avatars Creating Avatars
why some avatar spawn random color colour view rectangle square shape block

Q: Why are some viewers spawning as randomly colored rectangles?

A: Because the viewer has no access to any avatar. You need at least one avatar imported which is also free and unrestricted.

Editing Restrictions
how collid block invisible color colour transparent collision opaque red transparency

Q: How do I make the collider blocks invisible?

A: In the top quick access bar you can adjust the block color, Set the alpha to be 0 for transparency.

how background color colour transparent capture game opaque transparency overlay ob xsplit streamlab stream gamecapture capture

Q: How do I make the background transparent for the game capture?

A: In the top quick access bar you can adjust the background color, Set the alpha to be 0 for transparency.

Capture Setup
why some extension image broken broke link work not picture display

Q: Why are some of the images on the extension not displaying correctly?

A: In the application, under the general panel, click the "Update Images" button.

capture stream streamlab lab black screen game obs fix broken window gamecapture stream capture

Q: When I try to capture Stream Avatars it shows up as a black screen, how can I fix this?

A: Try running your streaming software as admin mode and removing/readding the game capture. You can also right click and go to properties of the shortcut of your streaming software and go to the compatibility tab and check the "run this program as an administrator" box so you dont need to do this step everytime you load obs.

Q: It's still not working... is there anything else I can try?

A: Enable the Crossfire/SLI capture mode on the GameCapture, then try again with without admin mode and then with admin mode.

Capture Setup
capture broken nothing mac macosx osx syphon inject cant game gamecapture stream

Q: Game Capture doesn't seem to work for me on Mac OSX?

A: You might have to manually download and install Syphon Inject.

Capture Setup Syphon Inject Install